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Can I receive the car without pre-order in the day of rent?
Yes, in rent day you can choose the car from the free one. But we recommend to reserve, for your convenience, the car in advance.In this case we can provide the car reservation for you and faster paperwork.
I have only a driver’s license issued in other country. May I hire the car in your company?
Yes of course, you can receive the rent car. But only in case, your driver’s license is written by Latin words or if it contains the Latin words text. It will allow you to operate without problems to drive car in all territory of Russia within 1 year.
In what condition I must return the rent car?
The car hired by you has to be returned clean outside and inside. And with the amount of gasoline in a tank reflected in the delivery and acceptance certificate. The rent car is given completely equipped. The first-aid kit, the fire extinguisher, the spare wheel, etc.), all theese are fixed in the delivery and acceptance certificate. The car return will be act also under the delivery and acceptance certificate.
Where it is possible to return the car after the end of hire period? Whether it is obligatory for me to come to you to office, or I can make it where it will be more convenient to me?
After the end of hire period, you can return the car where it will be more convenient to you, at our office or in any point of Kazan. Rent car transfer outside the office is a payable operation. It is necessary to call the manager about the place and time of delivery of the rented car in advance.
Whether the rent cars are carried out with winter tires?
Yes, AUTORENT company cares for the clients and always offer rental cars on seasonal tires. All our cars are equipped with studded tires for the winter.
Whether it is possible to take children’s car seats in your company?
We provide children’s car seats for an additional fee. If you want to take child seat with the rent car you should tell about it to our manager in advance. When you come to take the car, it will be completed with a children’s chair.
Since what age do you give the rental car?
We can give car for rent to clients only from the age of 23 years and with driving experience not less than 3 years.
We with the my friend would like to hire the car for two persons. It is possible?
No problems! To hire the car for two persons, it is necessary for you to receive the car lease contract for the second person. But this document is for additional fee.
How much fuel will be in the rented car when pick up? And how much fuel we must have at return??
You pick up the car with that volume of gasoline which is in a tank. This volume is fixed in delivery and acceptance certificate for the car. You must return the car with the same amount of fuel, or pay in addition for shortage. Near office of our company there are many gas stations where You can fill the tank.
I arrive in the airport. May I receive the car in airport on arrival and return it in hotel at departure?
Yes, it is possible. We will bring you the car to the airport or to the any address in Kazan, convenient for you. Car delivery or return to/from the address out of the company office is payable. About delivery cost on your location specify at the manager of the company. You can pay off both with cash or by card. However, before 1 day of car delivery we must receive from you the copies or photos of passport and driver’s license pages for preliminary paperwork.
To what regions of Russia or another country’s can I go by your company rental car?
You can go to any region of Russia except the republics of Transcaucasia. Also you can’t go by our car out of Russia Federation.
What will be if I return the car after the stated time?
You have to return the car in time specified in the agreement. If you return the car with delay more than 15 minutes you will have to pay for new day. If you do not contact and do not warn about a delay, the company may take measures of the emergency character. Up to the announcement of the car in search and your detention by police. If you are late contact the manager in time and you will have no problems.
What discounts you can give me for the car rent at your company and how they work?
Our costs are based on reduction of price in process of increase in number of days of rent. The biggest fee — for rent period in 1-3 days. The smallest fee — for the rent period of more than 1 month. It is possible to get acquainted with all costs in the section of the Price and Long-term rent. To regular customers — individual costs.
If the car has broken on the way, what should I do?
Call our manager and follow his instructions. He will help with the solution of all questions, if necessary will call the tow truck or will direct to repair station. If necessary we will provide the substitution car.
Whether you provide services of long-term rent of the car? If yes, prompt how many it will cost?
AUTORENT provides service of long-term lease of the car for the term of more than 1 month. Long-term rent is meant as lease of the car with monthly payment. Payment is carried out on a condition of 100% of an advance payment. You can look at tariffs for long-term lease of cars in the section Long-term rent. Anyway, at rent for the term of more than a month with monthly payment we can create individual tariffs, depending on needs of the client. Call us and you receive the most convenient and favorable conditions of long-term lease of the car.
Whether it is necessary to leave a deposit for the car and how it will come back?
Along with a rent period payment it is necessary to leave a deposit which can be used for the penalties payment from surveillance cameras of road traffic offenses, insurance franchize payments, car wash and unpaid car mileage payment and breaches of rent contract payments. Deposit is different for each car. Deposit amount to you will be specified by our manager. A deposit can be paid with cash or it will be blocked on your payment card. Deposit comes back to you in the two parts. The most part, in the absence of rent contract breaches, comes back to you in the day of car return. 3000 rubles remain at us or blocked on the payment card for the period of 20 working days after car return. It is necessary for payment of penalties from surveillance cameras which come to us with big delay. Theese money can be returned to you by cash or transfered to your card. The unblocking on the card will occur automatically.